Self ink rubber office stamp S-842

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  • Completely automatic
  • no need for messy external ink pads.
  • Max text plate size: 38 x 14mm (rectangular)
  • Excellent size for an address stamp or in the medical field for doctors and nurses identification.
  • Replacement pad S1822-7 in black, blue, green, red, violet and dry (no ink, ready for your special purpose ink)
  • Clean, intuitive ink cartridge change without touching the ink – for clean fingers
  • Incredibly small and light with pleasant, secure stamp grip
  • Positioning window allows accurate imprint positioning
  • Same size as the Collop Printer 20 stamp
  • 1 – 7 lines of text and minimum of 7 point Calibri.
  • Equivalent size to the Collop Printer 20 stamp