Self Ink Company Stamp R-542

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Stand Our With A Truly Custom Notary Stamp
If you are looking for a genuinely unique stamp seal, choose the Shiny R-542. We've been manufacturing notary supplies for over a decade and stay up-to-date on state regulation and the latest manufacturer models; you'll be impressed not only by this seal's calm, consistent operation but also with its unique body. No other round notary stamp offers the same level of functional ability and aesthetic appeal.

Get the Power of Repetition
Self-inking models are ideal for high-use situations thanks to an internal mechanism which makes them always ready for your next stamp. The R-542 is constructed from tough, heavy-duty plastic. This makes a long-lasting stamp providing years of consistent impressions. A custom notary seal adhering to your state's demands is filled with custom information entered through Amazon and cast onto a real rubber die. Extend the stamp's life even further and replace the built-in ink pad for 1000s more impressions.